a melhor série de sempre?
Frank Gallagher, o sustentáculo filosófico-moral de Shameless.

Tickets this way for the Chatsworth Express, come and watch pikeys making a mess of the lives they were given by him upstairs and kids they’re convinced aren’t actually theirs. What sound on earth could ever replace kids needing money and wives in your face, cos this, people reckon, and me included, is why pubs and drugs were kindly invented: to calm us all down, stop us going mental. These are Chatsworth Estate’s basic essentials, we are worth every penny, we’re grinding your axes; you sit on our head, but you pay the taxes. Imagine a Britain without Chatsworth buccaneers, we’ll come on your face for the price of a beer. Cheaper drugs now! Make poverty history! Cheaper drugs now!

Shameless, a série que não é para meninos. Último episódio da sétima temporada no ar na próxima terça, dia 11, Channel 4. Também na Sic Radical.
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