espanha, 1975.

David Locke:
- I know a man who was blind. When he was nearly 40 years old he had an operation and regained his sight.

- How was it like?

David Locke:
- At first he was elated really high. Faces... colors... landscapes. But then everything began to change. The world was much poorer than he imagined. No one had ever told him how much dirt there was. How much ugliness.

He noticed ugliness everywhere.


Jack Nicholson & Maria Schneider in Professione: Reporter de Michelangelo Antonioni, Ita/Esp/ Fra, 1975.

Londres, 1966.
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At 9:19 da tarde, Blogger dactilografo

é discutível, mas não consigo deixar de pensar que o título inglês faz mais sentido.


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At 8:46 da manhã, Blogger filomeno2006

Curiosos tocados capilares femeninos en los setenta: Annie Girardot, Maria Schneider.....