craigie horsfield - relation.
Craigie Horsfield
Sant Adria de Besos, Barcelona, March 1996
140 x 139 cm

In relation are our being and the place of the present. (...)
The dense specificity of personal experience appears partial, imprecise, and relative. But no self is conceivable in isolation and consciousness is born in relation. Telling stories, connecting, shaping and elaborating these stories we tell others and ourselves about who we are is a means of self protection, self control and self definition. But it is more than this, it is the telling of ourselves together, it concerns how we stand one to another, not now as a negotiation of the world and the self. Relation, constantly in flux, determines community, and individuality is inextricably bound to relation and not separation or alienation: Relation is being, it is not a network of interconnecting lines. (...)
The present, such as it is, is in our relation. It is the confluence of relation as becoming together and relation as "telling".

Craigie Horsfield, in Relation, p. 37.

Craigie Horsfield
Placa de Toros La Monumental, Gran Via de les
Corts Catalanes, Barcelona, Febrer 1996'
165 x 206 cm
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